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2015-04-28 14:23:52
How much would it cost to build my own castle?

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How much would it cost to buy a city block, level it, and build my own castle? 

  1. Buy an entire block in a low cost area.
  2. Knock down everything.
  3. Build a giant castle complete with walls and a moat.
  4. Offer a free place to stay to your royal subjects and enjoy your role as Queen/King

 That is:
$28,801,500 – $29,316,500

Here is the breakdown:

- Purchase 1/8 section or 80 acres would cost somewhere around $5000 per acre in a slum. $400,000
- Clear the land: 3-6k per acre (depending on trees and the size of buildings demo’d $160,000 - $500,000
- Finish level $500 per square foot $25,000,000
- Moat construction could be spendy…but you might need to keep out door-to-door salesmen! 15ft x 1,000 Ft Long x 10 Ft Deep is about 5,000 cubic yards of dirt. To dig the moat should cost about $1,666,500
- A swimming pool cost about $50 per square foot to ‘waterproof’ our moat is double that depth so lets say $100 per square foot. That brings us to $1,500,000
- Draw Bridge, depending on weight rating could be $75,000 to $250,000

 Or you could just buy one of these mountain castles here!


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2015-04-28 14:23:52
How much would it cost to build my own castle?

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